With just 1°C rise in the average temperature of the Earth till date, impacts of ‘Global Warming’ and climate changes like extreme weather events, frequent flooding, extended droughts, more violent hurricanes, polar ice melting etc. are already visible.

Most Nations have agreed that Earth must not be allowed to get warmer than 2°C to prevent catastrophic impacts of Climate Change. Yet action on the ground is alarmingly poor because of inadequate awareness about this invisible but imminent danger.

Pune International Centre (PIC) in May 2018 organized a workshop on ‘Climate Literacy’ (Awareness) in collaboration with Centre for Environment Education (CEE) and several other environmental NGOs and expert groups.

The “Climate Collective Pune” group (CCP) evolved from there for collective actions to enhance the public awareness about the climate change at every level – individuals, communities, institutions and businesses and to create a citizen movement for ‘Climate Action’ for making the Pune region ‘Carbon Neutral’ by 2030.

The CCP endeavours to serve as a platform for Pune citizen groups and government officials and political leaders to remain informed about ‘climate change dynamics' and work towards rapidly reducing the ‘Carbon Footprint’ of the city at every level.

The main focus will be on improving energy efficiency across all applications using electricity and a conscious shift to maximise the use of Renewable Energy (RE) sources and minimising the dependence on fossil fuel sources.

CCP group will also work for enhancing the ‘Carbon Sink’ capacity of the city region by increasing forest and green cover as well as by encouraging adoption of technologies for Carbon Sequestration and Storage (CSS).

This website is created and managed by the Energy, Environment and Climate Change (EECC) Project of Pune International Centre (PIC) to serve the above objectives of the ‘Climate Collective Pune’ group.


Release of a Special Report on 'Pathway to taking Pune towards Carbon Neutrality by 2030': 6th June 2019

Pune International Centre (PIC) released a Special Report on 'Pathway to taking Pune towards Carbon Neutrality by 2030' on 6th June 2019, on the occasion of World Environment Day 2019. The Chief Guest for the event was Dr Nitin Karmalkar, Vice-Chancellor, SPPU and the event was chaired by Dr Raghunath Mashelkar, President, Pune International Centre.  Prof Amitav Mallik, the lead author of the special report gave a brief introduction, highlighting the importance for a City like Pune to take the lead in combatting Climate Change action.

The PIC team on “Environment, Energy and Climate Change” (EECC) worked in cooperation with the members of “Climate Collective Pune” (CCP) to bring out this special report for taking Pune to Carbon Neutrality by 2030.

Click here to Read the COMPLETE REPORT

Carbon Footprint Calculator: 07th December 2018


Calculate your Personal Carbon Footprint. Know more at the Carbon Neutrality Page.
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A detailed list of the past and upcoming events may be found at the Events Calendar

Release of Special Report on the occasion of World Environment Day 2019 (6th June 2019)
Climate Awareness Event dedicated to Fridays For Future Movement (8th March 2019)
Climate Action Talk: Problems of Today-Solutions of Yesterday (16th November 2018)


(in alphabetical order)
Amitav Mallik – Pune International Centre (PIC)
Aneeta Gokhale-Benninger – Centre for Development Studies and Activities (CDSA)
Anupam Saraph – Systems Research Institute
Arvind Karandikar – Nexus Energy Tech Pvt Ltd
Gurudas Nulkar – Pani Panchayat
Nitant Mate – SeeGreen Solutions LLP
Rahul Chopra – Indian Institute of Scientific Education and Research, Pune
Rohit Bhagwat – Savitribai Phule Pune University
Poorva Keskar – VKe Environmental
Priyadarshini Karve – Samuchit Enviro Tech
Sanskriti Menon – Centre for Environment Education (CEE)
Sarang Yadwadkar – Architect
Shantanu Dixit – Prayas Energy Group
Ranjit Gadgil – PARISAR
Ravindra Sinha – Baner-Pashan Link Road Vikas Samitee
Vaishali Patkar – Aundh Vikas Mandal


Do you care about Climate Change and wish to work for it? We are looking for interested professionals or students to join us, at the Climate Collective Team at Pune International Centre (PIC). Only real qualification is keen interest in Environment and Climate Change issues and bandwidth for some proactive work.

Our focus is on enhancing climate awareness, researching and designing climate-friendly initiatives and engaging with the community. PIC, as a Think Tank, is working towards these goals with a view to making Pune Carbon Neutral by 2030.

If you are interested, email us at