Pune International Centre (PIC) organized a special function to celebrate the ‘World Environment Day 2019’ on 6th June evening with the release of a Special Report on ‘Pathway to Taking Pune towards Carbon Neutrality by 2030’ at the Sumant Moolgaonkar Auditorium, ICC Trade Tower. The Report was released by Prof. Nitin Karmalkar, Vice-Chancellor, Savitribai Phule Pune University and Dr Raghunath Mashelkar, President, PIC chaired the event.

Release of the Report By Prof Mallik, Prof Karmalkar and Dr Mashelkar (L-R)

Prof Amitav Mallik, the lead author of this special report gave a brief introduction, highlighting the importance for a City like Pune to take the lead in combating Climate Change action. He described the report as a vision document of what every city should aspire for in the future and elaborated on the key recommendations of the Pathway report towards realizing the vision.

Dr Karmalkar, after releasing the Report, appreciated the pioneering efforts of the PIC Environment Team and other experts wished every success for the challenging task undertaken for the next decade. He gave examples from the past ages where Climate Change events were impactful enough to lead to the extinction of Dinosaurs. He also highlighted the importance of taking individual pledges shared during the event for starting a movement in Climate Action and appealed to all people to join the Movement.

Dr Mashelkar addressing the audience

Dr Mashelkar briefly spoke about how PIC is keen to contribute its best for the cause of the environment and wants to create a people’s movement in Pune to move towards becoming one of the first cities to achieve Carbon Neutrality in next 10-12 years.

Dr Mashelkar proposed an ambitious goal for the year 2020. He called it Mission 20-20-20, a set of three ambitions to be achieved with collective efforts. Pune will strive to Increase its green cover by 20 % by 2020 over what was there in 2015, Pune will strive to increase the use of solar energy by 20% by 2020 over what was there in 2015 and Pune will strive to reduce its overall water use by 20% by 2020 from the level during 2015.
The PIC function included a Film Presentation – ‘Climate Change: Facts and Hope’, comprising a set of very interesting Documentary clips. It brought focus on how urgent Climate Action by all is the most important need on this Environment Day.

There is growing awareness that even if all countries meet the Paris Commitments made in 2015, that may not be enough to stay within 2°C warming – which is the minimum condition to avert serious Climate Change Impacts. Globally, all Cities will have to play a major role, as they would be supporting over 60% of the population and will be responsible for about 75% of the Green House Gas emissions.

It is in this context that the PIC team on “Environment, Energy and Climate Change”(EECC) worked in cooperation with the members of “Climate Collective Pune” (CCP) to bring out this special report for taking Pune to Carbon Neutrality by 2030.