Climate Action is an ‘Opportunity’ to establish constructive discussions for timely action by identifying environmental problems and devising solutions that can help at every level - household, community, State and National levels.

The Climate Collective Pune aims to evolve a practical road-map for people to take charge of making Pune Carbon Neutral by 2030. It is really about making the right choices.

Collective Planning

Although most human activities consume energy in some form, some urban activities are major contributors to greenhouse gas emissions. Whether it is domestic lighting or air-conditioning, cooking and eating food, travelling for work or pleasure, they all cause direct or indirect CO2 emissions as long as the energy comes from the burning of fossil fuels.

Reducing such emissions requires a mature understanding of cause and effect cycles that need to be optimized at every level. Hence, this will require collective planning and caring for the environment for a better future of our next generations.

Pune, as a city with about 10 million projected population in 2030, can make a major difference to the contribution to Global Warming. And if 100 other major Indian cities can follow the Pune's example – it will be a huge contribution to India’s commitments on Climate Action.

To achieve meaningful and timely climate action; people and governments will have to act on several fronts to reduce and offset carbon emissions and also increase carbon sink capacity. This can only be achieved by proper collective planning and focusing on reducing the city’s carbon footprint significantly at all levels.

While moving away from fossil fuels by promoting renewable energy sources must comprise the major focus, making prudent lifestyle changes and making sensible and smart choices in everyday life can drive our society and country towards sustainable progress and development without penalty on the environment.

Government Policy

Indian Government has put forth a very good ‘Climate Action Plan’ that balances development goals with environmental priorities. It addresses critical issues like energy conservation, water & food security, public health and education while also adhering to a strong development plan for economic growth.

But it needs to overcome the implementation challenges and create a judicious eco-system for Climate Action.

Today, Climate Change is the most important challenge for humanity as ― it can overwhelm all other issues unless managed with foresight and collective political will.

Hence, there is a strong case for building ‘Climate Resilience’ in major cities in India and to create the desired momentum for urgent action.

The Major Sectors that need focused attention- in order to reduce city carbon emissions

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