Climate Collective Outreach Event on Energy and Water Conservation

Climate Collective Pune (CCP) is a group of experts and professionals working on ‘Environment and Climate Change’ under the umbrella of the Pune International Centre (PIC). The outreach event on Sunday, 16th December 2018 was designed for creating climate awareness for Pune residents and students. The event focused on Energy and Water conservation was jointly organized by Pune International Centre (PIC), Aundh Baner Balewadi Pashan Vikas Manch and Dnyansagar Institute of Management and Research (DIMR).

The function was chaired by Prof Amitav Mallik, Founder Trustee of PIC and Lead Member of the CCP. He introduced the subject in the context of growing concern of climate change that would create serious stress on basic resources like energy and water. He briefly spoke of the recent IPCC warning that robust global action is required at every level and Pune being the 7th largest polluting city of India, must reduce it’s carbon emissions urgently to address Climate Change. He emphasized that the window of opportunity is fast shrinking and if we don’t do anything now, young generation of today will have to face a very hostile environment in future.

Mr Arvind Karandikar, Energy Consultant and Founder CEO of Nexus Energy-Tech, spoke about the importance of energy conservation, energy efficiency and use of renewable energy at individual and residential society level to save energy expenses and reducing carbon emissions, in turn. He spoke about the details and processes for use of Solar PV on rooftops and connecting them to grid electricity using net metering for households and colonies.

While elaborating on Energy Conservation and Efficiency, he advised installing motion sensors to lighting in public spaces, using optimum lighting and right amount of lumens rather than wattage and making behavioural changes to switch off power button when not in use.

This was followed by a talk by Mr Ravindra Sinha, Activist and Co-Founder of Mission Groundwater on sustainable water use, Rain Water Harvesting & Water Conservation. He demonstrated that, given the drought conditions in 50% of Maharashtra and with ground depths to water levels are already lowering by 1 meter per 1-2 years in Pune, Participatory Groundwater Management has become critical.

Recharge Trenches on Hill slopes, rainwater harvesting in open areas, maintain well and groundwater tables play an important role in groundwater conservation. He also addressed the concretisation of the cities which has disturbed the rivers, canals and groundwater in Pune. Citizens and Societies need to act with proper guidance from experts like GSDA to plan right harvesting techniques. He also advised on simple acts like recycling of domestic wastes, using aerators and flow restrictors in taps, washing cars only once a week.

In conclusion the Chairperson brought out the importance of individual actions for saving the environment and limiting the impact of climate change and how young students and citizen must spread the message and become ‘Ambassadors’ of environmental protection in future.

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