6th June 2019: Release of a Special Report on 'Pathway to taking Pune towards Carbon Neutrality by 2030' by Dr Raghunath Mashelkar and Prof Nitin Karmalkar. The report was prepared by Team EECC, Pune International Centre in collaboration with CCP members. The event included screening of a special selection of films titled 'Climate Change: Facts and Hope' on the occasion of World Environment Day 2019

8th April 2019: A Round Table Discussion on 'Pathway to make Pune Carbon Neutral by 2030' jointly organized by PIC, CCP and SPPU. It was attended by interested academia and experts from SPPU, IISER, IITM, local colleges and NGOs in Pune.

8th March 2019: Climate Awareness Programme on 'Climate Change and Fridays For Future Movement' conducted by Ms Vaishali Patkar and CCP Team for CM International School Students. The students shared their thoughts and support to the #FFF Movement on the occasion of the first Global Climate Strike on 15th March 2019.


16th December 2018: Climate Collective Outreach Event on ' Energy and Water Conservation' with expert speakers Mr Arvind Karandikar and Mr Ravindra Sinha was organized in collaboration with DIMR, ABBPVM and Mission Groundwater

16th November 2018: Climate Action Talk: 'Problems of Today – Solutions of Yesterday' by Dr Anupam Saraph and Prof Amitav Mallik

16th September 2018: INECC, Laya, Samuchit Enviro Tech and Pune International Centre launched Carbon Neutral Campus programme 'Yuva Drishti Workshop on Carbon Neutrality' in local colleges

5th June 2018: Special Programme on the occasion of 'World Environment Day 2018' with a Panel Discussion and screening of a special selection of films made by Leonardo DiCaprio

12th May 2018: PIC organized an RT and Workshop on 'Climate Literacy' along with CEE and other Knowledge Partners