The Pune International Centre (PIC) and the Centre for Environment Education (CEE) launched a new initiative on ‘Climate Literacy’ on 12th May 2018. On this occasion, a Workshop on Climate Literacy was organised by PIC at YASHADA, Pune.

The workshop focused on this core idea and questions:

If Pune aims to be Carbon Neutral by 2030,

Ø What are the key sectors of interest and the key actions that need to be taken?

Ø How can the public be engaged to take actions at individual as well as collective levels?

The morning session addressed  the first question; with a focus on the identified key sectors of urban planning, electricity sector, transportation, buildings and construction, carbon sinks and offsets and climate education; and the public engagement initiative that may be taken up to strengthen climate action.

Dr Raghunath Mashelkar delivered the inaugural speech and emphasized on importance of green growth and technological advances to achieve same. This was followed by informative and motivating talks by Prof Amitav Mallik, Ms Sanskriti Menon, Prof Aneeta Benninger, Ar Poorva Keskar, Mr Shantanu Dixit, Dr Priyadarshini Karve and Mr Ranjit Gadgil on various aspects of Climate Change and Climate Action with reference to Pune.

In the afternoon session, the delegates, in a ‘conversation café’, brainstormed ideas for public engagement and towards working with different segments of society.


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