INECC, Laya, Samuchit Envirotech and PIC organized an event on 16th September 2018 for College students and teachers towards making colleges Carbon Neutral through organised and united Action.

This first workshop in the initiative focused on making everyone acquainted with implications of Climate Change and about the significance of reducing Carbon Footprint. It focused on guiding educational institutes to go low carbon.

The participants included Teachers and Students from nine different colleges in Pune who enthusiastically and actively participated in the workshop. The 70 participants from varied backgrounds like engineering, architecture to sciences focused their energies together towards understanding carbon accounting.

In the first session Prof Amitav Mallik and Dr Priyadarshini Karve introduced the concepts and consequences of Climate Change. Followed by accounts representatives from all colleges on low carbon initiatives already introduced in their institutes.

The second session was interactive with activities and was conducted by Mr Myron Mendes. It started with participants discussing low carbon measures and activities which could be initiated in colleges. The organizers and the staff discussed strategies and approach to reduce GHG emissions and create awareness. The workshop concluded by creative and informative ‘Cantastoria’ posters and songs about Climate Change presented by the students.

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